3 village parent portal

by Miss Kara Schaden II Published 9 months ago Updated 8 months ago

What is the three village school district app?

As part ofour ongoing commitment to communicating with stakeholders we'vedeveloped our very own District App.TheThree Village School District App is designed to provide quick and easy access to school and district information including calendars, ... Please check the Campus Portal for student progress in secondary classes.

How do I get a GUID key for the parent portal?

PARENT PORTAL NOTICE TO ALL PARENTS: Parents who need to get their initial GUID key number to create their parent portal account can contact the main office of their child's school. Parents who have forgotten or lost their username and password should email parentportal@3villagecsd.org .

Where can I watch the three village milk&cookies read aloud?

A link to the Three Village Milk & Cookies YouTube channel with various read-alouds recorded by Three Village teachers and staff members. All PK-6 students are welcome to watch! No registration is required.


What grades are 3rd quarter reports available?

3rd Quarter Report Cards Now Available on the Portal For All Students in Grades 7-12.

Where are the 3rd quarter report cards?

Please check the Campus Portal for 3rd Quarter Report Cards. They are in the "Reports" section on the left hand side.

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