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by Doyle Wolff Published 1 year ago Updated 8 months ago

Why choose 33rd Company®?

33rd Company® provides residential property management services in the Twin Cities Minneapolis & St. Paul Minnesota metropolitan area. We specialize in single family homes, and can rent your home quickly! 33rd Company® is a CRMC® Certified Management Company that has been providing asset management services since 1993.

What is 3333rd company?

33rd Company, being a property management company, uses a 3D digital printer to print discontinued parts like oven knobs, gaskets, and other common household items that may break w... More... Whether you’re a long-time property manager or the first-time owner of a rental property, attracting high-quality, long-term renters can be a challenge.

Who is 33 real estate group?

In 2014, 33 was hired by the Bank of Hope, a West Coast bank to manage their entire portfolio of REO properties in the Chicagoland area. The properties were a mix of retail, office and warehouse and were inherited by the Bank of Hope when they acquired a variety of small local banks. 33 continues to manage the portfolio in 2021.

Why 33 Realty&cubed construction?

Unparalleled Results. 33 Realty and Cubed Construction comprise Chicago's leading provider of integrated real estate services. Whether we are managing and leasing your luxury apartment building or helping you extract value through a renovation of your building, we are uncompromised in our focus; your asset is our responsibility.


What is 33 property management?

33’s property management division manages a mix of commercial and residential properties throughout the Midwest. Residentially, we specialize in mid-rise luxury apartments, garden-style communities and scattered-site portfolios.

How far in advance does the 33 renewal process start?

33 has adjusted our renewal process to start the renewal process 130 days in advance and we are touching base with residents twice as much as before. We look at renewals on a case-by-case basis and have realized that there is no one size fits all process for renewals in the fast-moving digital age.

What is OMC in moving?

OMC is a one-call solution for managing your move. A single phone call with one of our Personal Move Concierge quickly and efficiently arranges for a moving company, sets up utilities, and changes mailing addresses.

Is 33 Realty in Chicagoland?

However, finding the right investment opportunity can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of the local area. 33 Realty has been operating in Greater Chicagoland and its surrounding suburbs since 2009. We are well-versed in current industry trends and dialed into the market.

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