aegis patient portal

by Leopold Ryan IV Published 1 year ago Updated 6 months ago

Senior-Centered Healthcare

With multiple locations throughout Central Florida, Aegis Medical Group provides our patients with friendly, personalized care. We offer comprehensive care plans, routine medical screenings, and a broad network of senior care providers.

Why Choose Us?

Aegis Medical Group is a comprehensive network of physicians working together to make sure your healthcare needs are met in a respectful, helpful and efficient way.

Who is the Chief Legal Officer of Aegis?

For inquiries concerning Aegis’s collaboration with HHS, and/or testing for federal, state, and local governmental entities, please contact Joel Galanter, Chief Legal Officer, joel.galanter@aegislabs.com

Does Aegis TAT include transit time?

Aegis TAT is measured from the time samples are logged into our laboratory tracking system until test reports are released. It does not include transit time to lab. Aegis works with all of its collection partners to maximize the use of overnight shipping to its lab after collection. Shipping delays and weekend shipping schedules may impact the length of time between the collection event and the final Aegis report.

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