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by Mr. Bailey Mohr Published 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago

What is the Alliance Pediatrics aprima patient portal?

The Alliance Pediatrics Aprima Patient Portal is a password-protected and secure section of our site that is designed with your privacy in mind. The patient portal supports your ability to request an appointment, refill prescriptions, review statements, update demographics, and add or update pharmacy information. Existing Patients LOGIN HERE.

Who has access to the aprima patient portal data?

your Aprima Patient Portal. Patients only have access to their own data on the Patient Portal. Responsible parties have access to the data for all patients for whom they are responsible. Other patient contacts have

How do I login to the patient portal?

The patient portal login page will display in a new browser window. Next, do one of the following: If you already have an account, enter your case sensitive username and password and click the “Login” button.

How do I allow patients to request assistance from the login page?

When you select the checkbox for the ‘Allow Patients To Request Assistance from the Login Page’ option, then you must also: a. On the Message Routing tab, set message routing for the Patient Question – Login Assistance entry. b. On the Email Notification tab, verify that the Send Email When Portal Password is Reset by


The Aprima PRM Product

Our single application, single database EHR/PM plus our RCM solution stem from our:

Aprima is individuality

Migrate to the integrated system when your practice is ready. With our single database design, it takes just a simple activation code! You decide how much or how little technology to manage. Install our software on your server for control.

Aprima is speed

Aprima’s software is interoperable with payers, hospital systems and devices. This seamless movement of data speeds transactions and reduces errors. Paper can’t do that. Aprima lets you enter data on a tablet PC by handwriting recognition, keying, transcribing or dictating — whichever way is fastest for each user.

Aprima is care

We offer proven solutions, adapted to fit your budget, that get you to a successful “go-live” stage. This includes Aprima’s flexible web-based training sessions, on-site training, and go-live support that tailors the right content to the right staff member.

Provide Email Address

Provide your email address during checkin or checkout at your next visit.

Receive Welcome Email

You will receive a welcome email with instructions to follow. This will walk you through setting up your portal account.

Sign In

Sign in with your credentials that you previously setup or with one of the Alternative methods.


If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your office.

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