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by Kasey Thompson Published 11 months ago Updated 6 months ago

Who are my district representatives?

The five districts currently have: District 1 (Pat Lewis-D): 23,452 people | 32% white | 59% Black | 9% other District 2 (Andy Naquin-R): 22,480 people | 69% white | 16% Black | 15% other District 3 (Liz Hebert-R): 25,640 people | 79% white | 9% Black | 12% other District 4 (Nanette Cook-R): 28,774 people | 74% white | 13% Black | 13% other

Who is my district representative?

Residents of Anne Arundel County’s third district will be seeing a familiar name on their ballots come spring. Pasadena Republican Nathan Volke has filed to run for reelection. And, at this stage, he would be running unopposed as no one else has filed for the seat.

Who is the Assemblyman for my district?

“The majority of my district, on a county level, in Chatham, is represented by the two county commissioners who opposed the map by the county,” Petrea said. “And they made that very clear and very prominent. They were absolutely dissatisfied.

What is my district?

The state is currently reviewing its graduation requirements. Graduation data: Find your school district here Class of 2021: Graduation rates inched up as Regents exam requirements eased More: NY releases high school graduation rates: See how local schools ...


Online Tutoring

Palm Beach County and Paper have partnered to provide unlimited, 24/7 high-impact tutoring to all 6-12th graders—at no cost to students and their families.

SEQ - We want to hear from you!

The responses received provide important information that helps schools and the District develop and sustain a positive and supportive school climate.

Celebrating Black History Month

The School District is proud to join the community in celebrating the achievements and contributions of generations of Black Americans.

Importance of CTE

Career and Technical Education gives students an early opportunity to explore career possibilities and prepares them for high skill, high wage, and high demand jobs.

Thank a Teacher!

We're celebrating amazing teachers by surprising teachers around the District with prizes! Click here to nominate a teacher.

Bus Drivers Needed!

Learn about the opportunities available to you with Transportation Services, including a $1,000 recruitment incentive!

Substitutes Needed!

School Board approves an increase to base hourly rate for substitute teachers and an additional supplement for those serving in designated High Needs Schools.

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