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What is the NCAA transfer portal rule?

What is the transfer portal? The transfer portal is an online list of students that have notified their NCAA school of their intent to transfer. Once in the portal, the student can be seen by other NCAA coaches and be contacted without needing permission from the current school.

How does the NCAA transfer portal work?

McKewon: A tough but fair plan to fix the NCAA transfer portal

  • Casey Thompson
  • Chubba Purdy
  • Deondre Jackson
  • Trey Palmer
  • Isaiah Garcia-Castaneda
  • Kevin Williams
  • Hunter Anthony
  • Tommi Hill
  • Brian Buschini
  • Timmy Bleekrode

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Who is in Transfer Portal?

Why, as recently as Monday, Riley landed the top quarterback in the transfer portal in Caleb Williams. Recruiting Williams to USC comes after benefitting greatly from getting Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and Jalen Hurts in the portal. And yet, he was on ESPN talking about how the transfer portal needs some overhaul.

What is the NCAA transfer rule?

  • Graduated from high school;
  • Successfully completed the required core curriculum consisting of a minimum number of courses in specified subjects within prescribed time frame;
  • Obtained a specified minimum GPA in the core curriculum; and
  • Obtained a specified minimum SAT or ACT score.


Can you view the NCAA Transfer Portal?

Can the public view the NCAA transfer portal? 3) Coaches can see who is in the portal, but it is not public information. 4) Athletes can withdraw from the portal; it's then up to the school to decide whether to take that athlete back and restore his/her scholarship.

How many college soccer players are in the Transfer Portal?

A total of 4,084 Division I football players entered the transfer portal in the 2021 academic year, a big increase from the 2,868 football players who entered the portal during 2020 academic year. Those figures include both Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) players.

Do you have to sit out a year if you transfer?

A Required Transition Year While you do not lose a year of eligibility athletically, all student-athletes who transfer are required to sit out for one full sports season of competition. You are allowed to attend practices and games, but you cannot participate until that year is over.

When can you enter the NCAA Transfer Portal?

Additionally, a student-athlete must provide their current school with a written request to enter the NCAA Transfer by May 1 if they participate in a fall or winter sport, or July 1 if they participate in a spring sport to use the one-time exception.

How does a player enter the transfer portal?

The transfer process starts when a student-athlete approaches their coach and GW's compliance department – the office in charge of enforcing NCAA rules and regulations in every member institution – to declare their intention to enter the transfer portal, the institution then has 48 hours to release the students ...

Do you lose your scholarship if you enter the transfer portal?

Unfortunately, for those students who enter the Transfer Portal and then change their mind at a later date, they may have lost their scholarship (and their roster spot) by the time they finalize their decision.

Can you play immediately after transfer portal?

Student-athletes transferring once within the division can play immediately as long as they notify the school by the deadline. The deadline for fall and winter sports is May 1 every year.

What are NCAA transfer rules?

The one-time transfer rule allows athletes to transfer to a different school one time during their career and play immediately without getting permission from their coach or school. Previously, athletes had to get permission from their current school and then sit out a year as a penalty for transferring.

Can you go from D3 to D1?

The division terms that apply when transferring from a D3 or D2 school to a D1 institution occur if you're a baseball, basketball, football or men's ice hockey player. You'll likely need to sit out a year, something that wouldn't be required if you did a switch amongst D2 and D3 colleges.

Can you talk to other coaches before entering the transfer portal?

It is recommended that you talk with your coach before entering the portal to maintain a relationship with them. When prospective coaches see athletes in the portal, they will likely contact the player's current coach to gain a better understanding of the athlete.

How many players have entered the transfer portal?

More than 2,000 players entered the transfer portal during the 2021-22 school year with a large number coming during major coaching changes or system revamps. Virtually every Power Five program has taken a handful of transfers to immediately fill holes.

What school has the most players in the transfer portal?

Arkansas and LSU have the most players currently in the portal with five each. 247Sports has tracked every player who has entered the portal this off-season.

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Steps to Take Before You Transfer

Decide which school is right for you. Your new school should help you satisfy both your academic and athletic goals. Not sure where you want to go? Click here to explore all NCAA schools by division, sport and conference.

When Can I Compete?

There are several aspects of your college experience that determine when you may compete after transferring. Depending on your college experience, you may be able to compete as soon as you transfer or you might have to be enrolled full time for one academic year at your new school before competing.

Talk the Talk

Throughout the transfer process, it is likely that you will be introduced to a number of terms that you have not yet heard in your college experience.


If you have general questions related to the NCAA, please review our most frequently asked questions or contact our legislative team at 317-917-6008. Questions about your specific situation should be directed to your school’s athletics compliance office.

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