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How do I contact the patient portal?

If you have questions about the patient portal, please call 217-258-2516 or email: PatientPortal@sblhs.org Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm. If you are seeking medical record information prior to April 1, 2017, please contact your provider or call SBL Medical Record Management at 217-258-2536.

What can I do at Sarah Bush Lincoln?

Sarah Bush Lincoln opens it arms and welcomes those who wish to volunteer. Volunteers greet guests, deliver mail, work in the Gift Shop, fulfill clerical duties and so much more. They are important part of the care provided at SBL. Learn more about how you can become involved with Sarah Bush Lincoln.

How do I self-enroll in the patient portal?

Follow the steps by entering in your date of birth and challenge answer given at the time of registration to create an account and get connected to your health information. After you have completed enrollment, log into the new Patient Portal. Patients will need to know their medical record number in order to self-enroll.

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Patient Information

The following will provide you and your family members the information you'll need throughout your stay. More detailed information is available in your patient welcome guide. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask. We want you to be informed about your care, comfortable with your surroundings and pleased with your service.

Upon Arrival

Please check with your nurse about personal items that you can have during your stay or that could be provided for your use. Valuables, cash and jewelry should not be kept in your room during your stay. If you cannot send these items home for safe keeping, ask your nurse how to have them secured until you go home.

Going Home

You can leave the Health Center after your doctor discharges you and you receive instructions either from your doctor or a nurse.

What is the phone number for Sarah Bush Lincoln?

Their love of sports and standard of ethics make them great role models to the students with whom they work. For more information about Sarah Bush Lincoln Orthopedics and Sports Medicine call 217-238-3435 or Sarah Bush Lincoln Bonutti Clinic call 217-342-3400.

Who is Sarah Bush Lincoln?

Sarah Bush Lincoln has invested in equipment and staff to help area athletes regain their strength and return to their games. Our athletic trainers are certified by the National Athletic Trainer’s Board of Certification, and are members of the National Athletic Trainer’s Association.

How many orthopedists does Sarah Bush Lincoln have?

Sarah Bush Lincoln has 10 orthopedists on staff with a wide range of specialties and is quickly growing to meet the demands of community members and area high school athletes. Their practices also reach a large geographic area including Southern Illinois.

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