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What is Spotsylvania Regional Hospital?

Spotsylvania Regional is a non-smoking campus inside the buildings and in parking areas. The services of a chaplain are available to patients and their families upon request or referral. Area clergy of various denominations and faiths assist the hospital chaplain in providing emotional and spiritual support during a time of illness or crisis.

Is sign language free at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center?

Thank you for helping protect the privacy and confidentiality of our patients and employees at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. Sign language and oral interpreters, TTYs, and other auxiliary aids and services are available free of charge to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Can I use social media at Spotsylvania regional?

While participating in social media activities at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center, please remember to respect the privacy of the people surrounding you including other patients, their family and friends, and SRMC employees. SRMC healthcare nurses, doctors or other staff members are not allowed to accept Facebook “friend” requests from you.

What are the visiting hours at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center?

Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center maintains open visiting hours. In some situations, overnight visitors are not permitted, so please check with your nurse. Note that public hospital entrances are locked between 9:00pm and 5:30am.


What is MyHealthONE app?

MyHealthONE simplifies the patient and caregiver experience. The easy-to-navigate healthcare mobile app lets you manage your health information and track your health journey in one convenient place. It's healthcare on your terms, when you need it.

How do I add my child to MyHealthONE app?

All caregivers must be at least 18 years old, have an active email address, and present state-issued photo identification to the patient's most recent hospital. When the hospital has processed the form, please call the MyHealthONE support team at 1-855-422-6625 to complete the caregiver enrollment process.

Who owns Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center?

HCA HealthcareSMRC's parent company, HCA Healthcare, has been named a World's Most Ethical Company for eight years in a row by The Ethisphere Institute.

How many beds is Spotsylvania hospital?

133Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center / Number of beds

How do I add another child to MyChart?

For an AdultGo to Your Menu > Share My Record.Under Who Can See My Record?, click Invite Someone.Follow the instructions to send an email invitation to the person who you'd like to have access to your MyChart account. That person will need to accept the invitation and confirm that they know your date of birth.

How do I add family members to FollowMyHealth?

Log in to your own FollowMyHealth account. From the main screen, go to "My Account" and choose "My Connections" Select "With Family Members, Dependents, etc." Select "Add Authorized Individual"

How many hospitals are in Fredericksburg VA?

34 Hospitals near Fredericksburg, VA.

What county is Spotsylvania?

Spotsylvania CountySpotsylvania Courthouse / CountySpotsylvania County is a county in the U.S. state of Virginia. As of the July 2021 estimate, the population was 143,676. Its county seat is Spotsylvania Courthouse. Wikipedia

How do I add another child to my Healow?

To add another child to your app you must click on the settings button in the top right corner and select log out as seen in the screen shot below. This will bring you to the screen below where you can select begin now to add another child.

Does HCA have an app?

Launched in June 2020, HCA Healthcare's new MyHealthONE app aims to give patients easier, more convenient access to their health information. Learn more below… HCA Healthcare patients can now hold their healthcare journey in the palm of their hand with the launch of the new MyHealthONE app.

View and pay your bill online, anytime, anywhere

With a MyHealthONE account, you can view and pay your hospital bills, see lab results, find details about hospital visits and more.

Flexible Options

Flexibility to pay online means it's easier to focus on what matters most: your health and wellness. Find multiple options to make payments, arrange payment plans and get help when you need it. You can even set up automatic, recurring payments.

About MyHealthONE

MyHealthONE is your secure, online health portal to find your most recent imaging results, view hospital lab results, pay your hospital bills and more. To learn more about MyHealthONE, visit us at MyHealthONE.com

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