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What is sunny portal?

SUNNY PORTAL. SUNNY PORTAL Download now. Whether for residential systems or commercial PV plants, centralized management and system monitoring saves time and money. Plant operators and installers have access to key data at any time. Specialized views take into account the requirements of different types of plants and target groups.

How do I login to my Sunny Boy inverter?

This will log you into the Sunny Boy’s web user interface. To perform the initial configuration, you must login as ‘Installer’ by changing the User Group dropdown. The first time you login, it will ask you to create a password, so make sure you keep the password in your records. The password will be used to register the inverter in Sunny Portal.

How do I register a plant in sunny portal using WebConnect?

When registering a plant in Sunny Portal using Webconnect, the process is the same as the previous generation of Sunny Boy string inverters. Registration is very straightforward – use the Plant Setup Assistant tab on the Sunny Portal homepage ( www.sunnyportal.com) – see Figure 1.

What's new in the Sunny Boy-US?

The Sunny Boy 3.0-US/3.8-US/5.0-US/6.0-US/7.0-US/7.7-US join the SMA lineup of field-proven solar technology backed by the world’s #1 service team, along with a wealth of improvements. The newest Sunny Boy-US now brings even more value- added features to the Power+ Solution, including: California Rule 21 compliance is fast and easy!


Is SMA Sunny Portal free?

Users of the new Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS benefit from a range of free basic functions for online PV system monitoring.

How do I log into Sunny Portal?

Go to www.SunnyPortal.com. 2. In the Login area, enter your e-mail address in the field E-mail.

How do I make a Sunny Portal account?

Register as a new user in Sunny Portal. Select I require a user account. Enter the necessary data for registration. Select [Register].

How do I add a device to Sunny Portal?

Adding a Virtual Device (Load)Log into Sunny Portal.Select system.Select the menu Configuration.Select [Device management] in the context menu.In the energy meter row, click the button.Select [Configure as load].Enter the device data and confirm with [Save].

How do I connect my SMA inverter to WIFI?

0:102:57How to connect your SMA Inverter to a Wi Fi network - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou are going to need a wireless enabled smart device such as a smartphone tablet or laptop afterMoreYou are going to need a wireless enabled smart device such as a smartphone tablet or laptop after connecting to the inverters. Local wireless network open a browser and navigate to the IP.

How do I register with SMA?

0:303:52SMA Product Registration – How to register a device as a PV System ...YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAfter you've logged on to your mysma. Account and clicked on the product registration tab select theMoreAfter you've logged on to your mysma. Account and clicked on the product registration tab select the country of installation. Then click on.

How do I set up SMA monitoring?

SMA Monitoring System SetupGet on a device that can communicate with Wi-Fi. ... Select this signal and enter the password to log in. ... Once connected to the SMA inverter's signal, open a web browser on the device you logged in with and enter 192.168. ... Now, the SMA login page should be displayed in your web browser.More items...•

What is a Sunny Boy inverter?

The Sunny Boy is the most cost-effective grid-tied inverter you can buy, provided your system meets a few criteria: Built in full sunlight (not blocked by trees, chimneys or other obstructions) Panels face the same direction.

What is a SMA customer number?

SMA Service Line. 00800 SMA SERVICE (+800 762 7378423) (international toll-free) SMA Online Service Center. www.SMA-Service.com.

How do I access SMA data Manager?

3:395:11Data Manager M Installation & Commissioning Tech Tip - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe new SMA monitoring portal powered by nx-os. Energy management system for this process you needMoreThe new SMA monitoring portal powered by nx-os. Energy management system for this process you need to enter the address www.eso.org comm on the navigation bar of your browser.

What is SMA data Manager?

The Data Manager M is the perfect monitoring and control solution for decentralized large-scale PV power plants up to 2.5 MVA with up to 50 devices. Thanks to the RS485 and Ethernet interfaces as well as analog and digital input and output systems, users benefit from particularly versatile connection options.

How do you use Sunny Explorer?

Switch on your PC, activate Bluetooth and start Sunny Explorer. That's all that's needed to give operators and installers an overview of their PV plant. The free software is the optimum addition to inverters with Bluetooth. Key plant data can be visualized on a PC.

How do I download data from Sunny Portal?

ProcessSelect a system in the Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS.Select the Analysis Pro menu item in the Analysis menu.Select desired data points and time periods.Select the Details button.Select the Download button.Select the desired save location and confirm.The data are downloaded as a CSV file.

What is inverter manager?

The Inverter Manager is a device for monitoring and controlling up to 42 SMA inverters of the type STP 60-10 in decentralized PV systems and large-scale PV power plants with up to 2.5 MW power. Based on Modbus TCP (SunSpec Alliance) Communication, it can be easily integrated into a larger communication system.

What is Sunny Portal?

Sunny Portal offers specialist views of the energy yields, taking into consideration the requirements of different system types. The Sunny Portal features optimal possibilities for analyzing measured values and visualizing yields, whether you need a data table or a diagram.

How does Sunny Portal reporting work?

The reporting functions provide reliable updates via e-mail and therefore help ensure yields. Users automatically receive information about their system yields and performance at regular intervals (daily or monthly). If needed, Sunny Portal users can also receive events such as inverter status information.

Check SMA compatibility with your SunSpec certified shutdown devices

Access our compatibility document to ensure interoperability with your SunSpec certified devices and SMA inverters. Please note, the APsmart dual-module shutdown device is currently compatible with the Sunny Boy and will soon be compatible with the Sunny Tripower CORE1.

PV performance optimization with SMA ShadeFix

Did you know PV solutions with SMA ShadeFix optimization outperform traditional module-level optimizers? SMA’s propriety technology produces more power, speeds installation, reduces service requirements, and improves safety.

What is SMA Smart Connected?

However infrequent they occur, service calls can be lengthy, unnecessary and will most certainly impact a PV installer’s bottom line. SMA’s new Smart Connected feature offers a proactive solution that saves installers time and money while maximizing system owners’ power production.

How does SMA Smart Connected work?

During registration of the system in Sunny Portal, the installer simply checks a box to activate SMA Smart Connected which commences automatic inverter monitoring by SMA.

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